OUTSTANDING University guidance for excellent applications

Make informed choices and strong applications: with over 30 years' proven experience in supporting students to leading universities and courses that best suit their interests and abilities, you can be sure that you will have the best possible chance of success. I ensure that each student is given the time he or she needs for personalised support.  

I will help you to prepare the strongest possible application: with a track record that includes highly competitive universities (Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Imperial, McGill, UBC, art colleges, medical schools), you can be assured that you have outstanding support throughout the process. 

International or UK? as we work together by Skype it does not matter where you live.  Students mainly apply to UK universities but I also support applications world wide (not the USA). 

How we work together: I will help you to clarify your interests and goals.  We will explore options, plan activities that suit you and your abilities and then review progress. I can offer psychometric testing to assist your self awareness, understanding of options, and decision-making. 

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