Are you providing an outstanding careers programme?

Since 2012 legal responsibility has rested with schools for providing access to independent and impartial careers guidance for all pupils - a responsibility extended in 2014 from years 8 to 13. Ofsted are measuring careers provision and are reporting on weak careers provision as well as the importance of impartial careers education and guidance. DfE statutory guidance 2017 recommends that schools and colleges work towards a Quality in Careers Standard such as Career Mark.

Career Mark is a quality award for careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG), a licensee for the Quality in Careers Standard (QiCS). Managed by Complete Careers LLP, the award is a comprehensive careers development toolkit which supports legislation, national standards and best practice in careers.

I have been involved with Career Mark for 23 years as an adviser, assessor and former moderator.  I can help your organisation work with the standards to improve provision and prepare for the award. 

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How the award can help

Career Mark can help you celebrate your provision whilst supporting you to continually develop the programme, keeping up with the very latest legislation and good practice. It:

  • provides a framework for schools to deliver CEIAG, helping you to meet the statutory guidance, and your obligations under the Education Act 2011
  • supports preparation for Ofsted
  • recognises your commitment to improving outcomes for young people and helping them achieve a successful transition from learning to work
  • raises motivation, attainment and aspiration
  • develops positive employer relations
  • gives you access to a user network and extensive support materials
  • is an assessment process that is straight forward and easy to follow

To find out how you can benefit go to the Career Mark  website

What people say

"When you achieve Career Mark you are showing the world that you are preparing students for a successful working life.Andrew George," Headteacher - South Wolds Academy
"This is about the whole person; school is more than passing exams" Dr Edwards, Headteacher – National CofE Academy
"This helps to prepare us for beyond school" Year 10 pupil – National CofE Academy
"The award is important to us but so has been the process of getting there. Recognition is important to our school; we want to be recognised for preparing our students well and we want our students to be recognised for being well prepared." David Stewart OBE, Headteacher – Oakfield School & Specialist Sports College

"She is extremely informative and it is obvious that she is passionate about high quality IAG for students. Her presence did not make me or the students feel intimidated, although it was obvious that every detail had been scrutinised, and that she understood the culture and processes of the school from her background research." - feedback on Liz Reece's assessment from successfully awarded Career Mark school