Good careers education, information, advice and guidance supports school and college aims and outcomes.  Recently we have seen considerable focus on what constitutes good practice or bad in careers education and guidance, although the policy declaration we await now in 2017 has been delayed. We are assisted by (hover over text for links): Ofsted guidance (2014 and 2015) on the importance of careers work in inspections, including it within leadership and management; Ofsted’s report on careers guidance in schools; NFER’s plan for careers work and NFER's good practice guideDfE’s statutory guidance, and Gatsby Foundation’s report on good careers guidance and education.  

Careers programmes need to be planned and co-ordinated. Where students have a planned and coherent programme which helps them consider what they want to do, which provides information on how to achieve their goals and which assists them to make informed decisions and transitions, then they will be more likely to aspire and achieve success both in education and beyond. My extensive experience of supporting schools, colleges and higher education will assist you to develop a customised programme for your organisation and staff. By discussing your needs, I can, for example:

  • help you to audit, plan and develop a careers education curriculum across all key stages;
  • recommend or produce resources that suit the needs of your students, or assist in training e.g. for The Real Game;
  • train and support staff e.g. in delivering the programme or focusing on a specific group need
  • deliver groupwork e.g. Oxbridge preparation or studying abroad;
  • deliver 1-1 guidance for any age group, using tools such as your own program or Morrisby online;
  • evaluate provision or advise on an evaluation schedule.

Best practice is recognised through career accreditation frameworks which are now recommended in 2017 statutory guidance.  I co-wrote and currently support and assess schools with Career Mark which is one of 11 UK career accreditation frameworks licensed by the Quality in Careers Standard. If you would like to understand what it means to work towards a quality award and prepare for assessment, do get in touch.  I know and have delivered 'best practice': this is evidenced by the careers department that I led in a college achieving 'outstanding' in two inspections whilst employed there, and my achievement of a national award (see p59) for innovation and outstanding provision in careers education and guidance.

A free toolkit is available to download. This comprehensively guides new and experienced careers leaders in providing CEIAG that meets the Quality in Careers Standard. I wrote the toolkit for national software company, CASCAID. Down load it here

Everyone takes a different route to achieve their goals

Everyone takes a different route to achieve their goals

WELL DONE YOU! I was so very pleased to hear that you had won the first Christine Thomas Award - and a very worthy winner. I was very friendly with Christine and her passing was a great shock but she would have been delighted that someone as dedicated, talented and committed to careers education has been given an award in her are still thought very highly of by schools, and of course by me, my mentor, my inspiration when I started as a Careers Education Adviser and the best ‘teacher’ and friend a person could have.
— Sue Curtis, careers learning team adviser