Interested in applying to UK universities from outside the UK but don't know how to navigate the system? You may have heard a bit about the UCAS system but not fully understand how to make a strong application, and your teachers may need help in writing a suitable reference.  I can support you from beginning to end of the process: my students have successfully applied to leading universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, St Andrew's, Bristol, King's, Surrey, Imperial... and others that better reflect their abilities or areas of interest.  

Are you a UK student with international university interest? It may be that you want to study in Europe in English or are interested in applying to North American universities - in Canada - without going through the SATs and extended US application process.

There are few career development advisers who understand the demands of making applications around the world but this is one of my specialisms.  With my extensive experience of assisting students from around the world, I can help you to:

  • make informed choices about courses and universities, and
  • prepare and make a strong application, which includes assistance with the important personal statement.
  • I can support your teachers in writing references if they are not familiar with UCAS. 


You can see here lots of links on studying abroad, and my contribution to an article on studying abroad in the careers advisers' magazine, Career Matters. 

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