I recently managed to get a new job. So I’d like to thank you again as I’m certain that this wouldn’t have possible without your help. Your CV template, I think, was particularly important for me.”

— Chris Stevens, graduate seeking new direction

If you need help with education or work choices, Liz can guide you and motivate you to achieve your potential.  With guidance you can:

  • choose subjects that support future options and best suit your abilities - whether at GCSE, in sixth form or university
  • find new meaning in your work, whether looking for a new job or change of direction
  • feel more motivated if you know what your personality strengths are and how to be happy
Seeking direction

Seeking direction

Liz will guide you in your direction to make a choice that suits your interests, strengths and situation. You will have the option of a psychometric or personality test to further inform you.

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